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What do I get with NGATA


We start with the basics of basketball, we call it "mastering the boring."  You will know the importance of 1891 and James Naismith.


Proper stance, grip, footwork  and ball rotation.  Jumpshots, stepbacks, three pointers.  Where to aim at on the rim; and no, its not the front of the rim, back of the rim or the center eyelet.

Basketball IQ

We elevate your level of understanding of how to be a smarter player.  Simple things like keeping your dribble.  If you don't have anything back out and reset, dribbling with a purpose, poise under pressure etc.


Chest, overhead, bounce passes.  We stress the little things like having you stand directly behind the backboard and take the ball out.  We send a player down court for long pass.  Anyone that knows basketball knows what happens next.

Ball Handling

What training program would be complete without tons of ball handling drills and cone work.  You will be dribbling well with your non-dominant hand after just a few months.


One of the most important aspects of basketball, yet often overlooked in training.  Learn how to remain poised and create a mindset of what we call "singular focus" after the contact.


Important to get this down.  Makes the difference between getting the first step beating the defender or allowing the defense to recover from the take.


We work on a newer concept of defense.  We teach forehead to chin on defense "OLD".  A fancy term we created for "optimal lateral dexterity".  Huge emphasis on Denying the ball and proper body positioning to "see both".  

Creating Space

James Harden stepback. Need we say anymore about the advantages of adding this to your skill sets.


Preparing kids for Middle school and AAU basketball.  Major emphasis on "talking it up" on the court.  Middle and High School coaches love us for that.

Claiming Space

Seldom taught to younger players who might be shy to create contact. Learn to acceptable way to push the defender off of you, without offensively fouling.

Game Situations

Works hand in hand with IQ development.  Zone vs. Man in certain situations.  What to do when you're getting killed by threes or conversely on the inside.

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